Susan Petersen

Susan Petersen serves as chair of the Conservation History Association of Texas. She worked for the Austin American Statesman and the Dallas Times Herald.  She is a past president of the Texas Land Conservancy, former chair of the Texas Conservation Alliance, and delegate to the National Wildlife Federation.

Ted Siff

Ted Siff acts as treasurer for the Association.  He helped create the Texas chapter of the Trust for Public Land, Texas Public Interest Research Group (TexPIRG), the Austin Parks Foundation, Shoal Creek Conservancy, and Austin Outside, served as chair of Earth Share of Texas, and worked as executive director of Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.

Janice Bezanson

Janice Bezanson is a trustee for the Association.  She is the senior policy director, and former executive director for the Texas Conservation Alliance, the state affiliate for the National Wildlife Federation.  She has also worked for the national Forest Reform Network, served as a trustee for the American Lands Alliance, and as a board member and past president of the Texas Land Conservancy.

Irene Pickhardt

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Irene Pickhardt is a trustee for the Association.  She formerly served as the Statewide Science Coordinator, in the Curriculum Division, for the Texas Education Agency. She has also been a leader in the Texas Environmental Education Advisory Committee, to help teachers and interpreters at universities, state agencies, museums and nature centers align their materials to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills standards.


David Todd is the founder and executive director of the Conservation History Association of Texas. He is fortunate to have worked with a number of contractors over the years, including the filmmakers, David Weisman and Richard Roberts, photographer, Chase Fountain, cartographer, Jonathan Ogren, rich media expert, Quinn Stewart, educational advisor, Sandra Skrei, transcribers, Robin Johnson and Judy Holloway, web designers, Jason Lively, Madeline Moya, Scott Hoenes, and Sam Burns, graphic designer, Will Hornaday, archivists, David Zepeda, Jessica Meyerson, Justin Kovar, Zach Vowell and Hyeeyoung Kim.


The Association is grateful to several institutions for their support and guidance, including the School of Information (online hosting and outreach) and the Briscoe Center for American History (archiving) at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas Parks and Wildlife (video footage), and Texas A&M University Press (publication).

The Association is also indebted to our generous financial supporters, including many loyal individuals and foundations, including the Houston Endowment, the Environmental Fund for Texas and Chiltepin Fund, the Chapman, Magnolia, Wilson, and Wray Trusts, and the Brown, Burdine Johnson, Hershey, Knobloch, Meadows, Mitchell, Price, Shield/Ayres, SK, Stillwater, Summerlee, Susan Vaughan and Trull Foundations.