Texas Conservation History Projects

Together, these four programs make up the core work done by the Conservation History Association of Texas since its start in 1998.

Texas Legacy Project

The Texas Legacy Project is a collection of over 250 video oral histories recorded with farmers and ranchers, politicians and lawyers, scientists and engineers, journalists and teachers, and others dedicated to conservation in the state.

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Texas Landscape Project

The Texas Landscape Project is a compilation of more than 300 maps and other figures describing the ecoregions, watersheds, aquifers, and settlements that are the site of many years of environmental controversies and protection efforts in Texas.

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Texas Fauna Project

The Texas Fauna Project is an account of wildlife conservation history told through more than 160-plus audio oral history interview with scientists, veterinarians, zookeepers, and advocates about the struggles to understand, protect and restore mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and other creatures found in the state.

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Texas Notebook Project

The Texas Notebook Project contains a set of over 300 drawings and paintings of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, crustaceans, corals, molluscs, insects and viruses found in the state. These creatures include animals that we see as wildlife, livestock, pets, feral beasts and pests. Some are common, and some are rare. They all are part of the web of life with which we share the planet.

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