The Conservation History Association of Texas is a small non-profit started in 1997, first as a project of the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission, and later evolving into a stand-alone organization. Throughout, its purpose has been to chronicle years’ work of protection and restoration of the state’s land, water, air, wildlife and communities.

Towards that, the Association hosts several programs, including Texas Legacy (video oral histories about conservationists’ lives), Texas Landscape (maps, charts and other figures showing the vital role of place in environmental history), Texas Fauna (audio oral histories about wildlife conservation work), and Texas Notebook (color drawings and paintings of Texas wildlife).

The projects emphasize use of primary-source, contemporary, and local materials, including both oral histories and government data. Together, these four programs seek to document and recognize the many efforts to protect the natural resources and public health of Texas, both to celebrate those past contributions, and also to recruit a new generation of stewards to continue the work.

Financial Accountability

To understand more about the finances of the Conservation History Association of Texas, and see how the work is supported and the money is allocated, please take a look at our recent tax returns.